Sorbetto alla mela verde (Green Apple Sorbet)


Let’s face it. Living in Italy means eating lots of good food. I’ve lived one year in Italy and have eaten hundreds of good dishes, tried tons of local produce and regional variations of pasta, salads and baked goods. One of the many things I have eaten in Italy that has left a clear memory in my mind is a green apple sorbet I had in Bologna. I had a friend visiting from Denmark, and after a rough night of Chianti wines and light Italian beer we needed something to help us fight that ‘day after’ feeling. We found just that in a small neighborhood gelateria; ‘Sorbetto alla mela verde’, or green apple sorbet. It’s sour, it’s sweet, it’s cold…. It’s delicious!

I love sorbet because it is easier to make than ice cream or Gelato. Also, you don’t need an ice cream maker (although it does make the process easier), which makes this desert rather cheap, as you wont have to invest in new equipment. In case you have an ice cream maker you should of course make use of it.

I like to juice some unripe green apples as this will make this sorbet extra sour and leave you with a crispier result, but you can easily use apple juice.

Sorbetto alla mela verde (Green apple sorbet)

8-12 small unripe green apples (if you have a juicer) or 2,5 dl. apple juice.

4 ripe green apples (Granny Smith works well)

1 dl. Water

4 tablespoons sugar

4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

If using fresh apples and not juice, core all the apples and cut them into quarters and juice them. The fresh apple juice might turn a bit brown, you can slow this process down by adding a bit of lemon juice. Also, you should only juice the apples just before use.

Core and cut the granny smith apples and combine all ingredients in a pot and boil for 4-5 minutes. Leave the pot for 30-45 minutes until the mixture is no longer warm. Add to a blender/liquidizer and blend until smooth.

If you do not use an ice cream maker strain the mixture, transfer to a small container and freeze. This can easily be done some days in advance. Half an hour before serving remove from freezer and add to a food processor or blender and puree again. Transfer to container and freeze again.

If using an ice cream maker simply pour the strained mixture into the machine and start. Once frozen and has the consistency of sorbet, add to a small container and freeze.



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