New Year – Time to get creative!

New Year - Time to get creative!

OK… So New Year’s eve always have to be fancy.. More champagne, fire power, cooler suits, bigger cigars and more food than last year… Actually, I kind of hate New Year’s Eve. People always have super crazy expectations and it never really turns out to be as crazy and awesome as everybody wished for. I always find myself drunk off my ass, running around in an unknown capital city, surrounded by an inferno of fireworks and booze, with frozen feet and a bottle of champagne (which is no longer fizzy) and a cigar, which I don’t really like anyways. Therefore I decided to do everything a bit different this new year. I celebrated the evening with a few very close friends and proposed that I would come up with a six course menu, which would be New Year’s eve worthy. I will not yet give any recipes, but will let you all see the pictures of the courses. Coming Thursday I will be on Danish TV cooking, and will show how to cook the first course. I might upload the recipe afterwards.

Enjoy the pictures and please comment!

Here are the courses:


First course:
Grilled aubergine/eggplant. Smoked cream cheese mayo. Lump fish caviar. Horseradish. Chives. Shallots. Watercress.


Second course:
Scallops. Pancetta dust. Croûtons. lemon marinated bellpeppers. Bellpepper and ginger coulis. Chives.


Third course:
Tiger prawns on bed of mint and peas. Mint, pea and champagne soup. Toasted pistachio and fennel seeds.


Fourth course:
Mojito cotton candy. Mojito sphere. Mojito tea. Mojito sorbet. Mojito wine gums. Mojito dust and mojito shot.


Fifth course:
Grilled salmon. Scallop and bacon infused pan roasted potatoes. Stir fried vegetable spaghetti. Clarified butter and lemon.


Sixth course:
Blackberry crème anglaise (custard). Blackberry ice cream. Freeze-dried raspberries. Fresh raspberries covered with egg-less chocolate mousse in a cup of white chocolate and freeze-dried raspberries. Fresh blackberries and raspberries. Dark chocolate.